U94 PTT Controller


The U94 PTT Controller is a three-function controller which allows an operator to conveniently connect to a SimRadios CVC headset adapter or VIC-3 intercom system. This controller is based upon the U-94 PTT with a large, robust three position toggle switch. The SimRadios U-94 PTT Controller allows an operator to select “Hot Mic” intercom mode, “Mic Mute” no transmit mode or “PTT” radio mode. When used with the SimRadios CVC headset adapter and SimPTT, this controller maps the locked “Hot Mic” to any keyboard key and also maps the momentary “PTT” position to any keyboard key. The SimRadios U-94 PTT Controller accepts headset connection types: Nexus TP-120, U-93, U-174 and connects to U283/U, GC283 or U183/U connectors. With 3 feet of extension and a reversible industrial strength clip this controller accommodates a wide range of tactical headsets. Recommended headset is the David Clark H10-76.

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